Gain Reduction display for 3rd Party Dynamics Processors

Ive been using Cubase to produce and record music since Cubase SX3 and have enjoyed the journey thus far and have always felt that Steinbergs Cubase is a pioneer of DAW software. Since the new upgraded mixer, channel strips and eq sections as well as some dynamic processors that emulate hardware. But the thing that gets me is the fact that there is no gain reduction available for 3rd party dynamic processors like what is available for the stock dynamic processors do. Im left feeling perplexed that most DAWs can offer this to their users but this is something not available in Cubase?!
Studio One, Reaper and Pro Tools have this feature and some of my clients use Pro Tools and when I mix in Pro Tools I find the feature extremely useful and time saving and would love to have this available to me in my favourite DAW, Cubase.

hi, in the meter view of mix console you have that option. as cubase has 3 different mix consoles, you can have just one for that task, with the meters on the large and the faders on the minimum size.


How can it be done in reaper or studio one? This is a parameter that need to be exported from the plugin, and there is no such export function in VST-SDK. It would be very good, but I think it can be generalized a bit too be real good. Sort of a little mini GUI that fits in to a mixer with controls and or meters. Definitely something for VST4!

But I also thing it is a bit problematic. Many plugin vendors put a lot of efforts in to their look and the visual part of their plugin create the vibe. It’s snakeoil, but still part of the ecosystem.

Yes - @cubase is right in that the plugin or host manufacturer must build-in support to their plugins, first. This is done via SDK ‘extensions’ supplied free by Presonus - for host and/or plugin. Scroll down to the bottom of this page, where you can download this series of Presonus Plugin extensions - includes reporting of Gain Reduction - for the host. Note the big DISCLAIMER box info:-

See that sentence - ‘Feel free to integrate these enhancements in your plug-in or adapt them for your host’. Seems its a matter for Steinberg (as has been done with Reaper) to decide whether they want to build in support to Cubendo for this or not.

Funny thing is, Steinberg already had this type of facility working in Cubase for their own plugins - albeit in the MeterBridge of the MixConsole only - back in v7 or 8.0(.?)

So there is already provision somewhere in the depths of Cubase/Nuendo code; maybe they could take a leaf from Presonus book and add in support to the VST3 SDK itself. For now, was hoping they could just pop those meters from the MeterBridge, into the Channel… It’d be a start.

Also worth noting, besides GR metering in the Channel, ProTools has a large choice of meter options for the Professional user