Gain Setting in the "pre" section needs to show values

I have to go mouse over to read the values of the gain setting (and hc/lc as well) - I usually have a lot of routing, bussing and for that I usually have a lot of group inputs set to negative values to keep a good gain staging.

It is important for me to overview all at once - it is hobbyist style to go with the mouse over it to have a look.

Doesn’t it do that in 6.0.5 ?


No - it just shows some kind of a slider - when I keep in mind that I have -12db of gain that tiny amount of slider looks like -3 or something… I have to go mouse over to actually see what I have.

And then there’s the minor issue that it’s a polarity switch not a phase adjustment. I got excited when I saw the little degree marker, suggesting that we could now dial varying degrees of phase but, alas, it’s just a POLARITY switch :wink: