Gain Trim selection? how is this still not in Cubase

Selection Tool, select part of event, go to the top, pull down the gain, see the gain trim line and audio waveform adjust according.


This is the ProTools way of doing it and I agree it would be nice.

However, it only really works because the automation / trim / whatever is overlaid on top of the waveform, not below it like it currently is. Cubase needs a complete rethink in this department, along with the current clip based gain trim which is a joke - try drawing some in with the pencil if you’ve never experienced it!

I think this would be for the clip based gain trim not automation. Essentially, you would use range selection tool, and pencil tool to do essentially what the pencil does but in straight line gain pull downs. you would see the same blue line, and then would be able to further edit your gain rang selection pull down with the pencil tool

I appreciate and agree with what you’re saying, but there are two massive problems with clip gain that also need to be dealt with before expanding its functionality like this.

Firstly, it needs to have a node set at the beginning and end of the clip - its frustratingly awkward having to work around this.

Secondly, it shows 0db as being at the top of the track / waveform. You can push the gain over 0db (why does this result in the HD activity meter going wild?), but it isn’t shown in any meaningful way!

This is why its such a half arsed implementation - you can do simple tasks easily, but anything more intricate is painful.

Also, is clip gain sample accurate? It really needs to be if not - automation currently isn’t and is pretty sloppy.

Yes, I don’t think Pencil Clip Trim has changed since like what? SX3? 2?