gain ur22

Have som issues with my inputs .

  1. I can´t close the gain,infact I can do recordings with my bass with decent quality with the gain knob closed all way to the left.
    This is annoying.
    First it should not be like that, second It´s impossible to switch instruments without hearing a crack noise every time.

  2. When I try to increase the gain just a little it peaks right away, infact it peaks when it´s closed to.
    I play through my basstop with a pure or colored line signal to the ur22.
    The only time I can use the gain knob like normal is when I plug the bass directly into input 2, without the HI-Z activated.
    But the gain still don´t close so I hear that cracking noise still when I put in and out the cable.

3.Is this normal or is it something wrong with my unit?
Is there anyway I can adjust the gain ?, some pad? Is there a software to set gains and tweak the ur22.

Best regards
Simon Dahlström