Gain utility

hi,is there a gain utility like the one in ableton.
i.e that i can have on every channel

not really like the one in ableton, but you have the “input bus” or is it “input gain”, o well, you can set the gain.

yes it’s on every channel automatically.

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not like in Ableton, but I use the MixerDelay to adjust levels within a chain of plugins.

is it the pregain knob u mean?

Most likely yes, it´s great to have it but you can´t unfortunately move it´s location in the chain (it´s always first).
I usually drop in something like geq or the limiter plugin which has an output control if I need anything between plugins.

Some plugins are sensitive about the input gain (for instance amp simulators) so I great to have it there.
The lowcut filter in the same section is probably even the most used cubase feature for me.

For something equivalent to the Gain Utility in Ableton Live, use this:

I’m not sure if this is what the OP is after but Cubase has a Rack in the Mixconsole called Pre that has gain. This is on each track when enabled.
See page 381 in the Cubase Pro 10 Manual.

Also in the in the Channel Edit View under the EQ tab it has a pre gain control too.