Gallery view is not retained

I used the Gallery view (of full score layout) a lot when entering scores. I found that in Write mode (in the same Dorico score, same window) if I switch to another instrument layout and then switch back to full score layout, the Gallery view is replaced by the default Page view.

Would it be possible to have Dorico remember the Gallery view setting as we switch to different layouts? Is there any setting in Dorico that can be set for this function?


When you switch between layouts in the same tab, Dorico considers that to be a new view each time and doesn’t remember the previous view type. But if you prefer to come to galley view always, set ‘Default view type’ on the General page of Preferences to ‘Galley view’.

Dear Daniel,

is this something that could be considered to be changed? I am starting a huge Musical project in which I need to have flexible arrangements (due to covid). I have several layouts for this purpose, and I’d like to be able to switch between them and stay in the view I was before (for whatever reason I chose that view in the first place).
The main isssue, beside the different view, is that often the viewport is not at the same vertical/horizontal position anymore (meaning if I had selected bar 35 of the first trumpet, I might end up in another instrument at another bar).

It might not be as good, but in the meantime, how about keeping two tabs open, one in page view and the other in galley view?

I could certainly do that, although I need to do that for each layout, correct?

Yes, that’s correct.