Galley rehearsal mark request

Much like player labels, it would be a nice time saver to have rehearsal marks always visible in Galley View. When I’m copying from a manuscript into Dorico I spend a lot of time working on strings at the bottom of a score and then scrolling up to the top to double check that I’m in the right spot, then leaving my cursor in place and scrolling down…

Maybe things like tempo markings etc could float at the top of the screen.


Why not simply change the system objects settings (Layout Options>Staves and Systems>System Objects). You can always change them back when you are working on final layouts.


Thanks @Janus it’s not exactly perfect but that does make life a lot easier. Good thinking!

I have the same wish. The problem with setting system objects to show for each instrument group, is that if you are working with an instrument filter and you have filtered out the first staff of an instrument group, the RM will not show.

I think the best solution would be to include the RM with the bar number, just like for instance " 115 - 8 " (bar number - RM). Then you would see it on all staves.

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