Galley view and Repeats

A trio of quick questions…

  1. I’m probably mistaken but I thought I’d spotted a setting for changing the Galley View so that the content would fit. I’m currently looking at a song with three lyric lines and it’s all very cluttered between the first and second staves. Is there such a setting ?

  2. Any information on when the playback of repeats might be available?

  3. The default for Mosso appears to be increasing speed (110%). Surely not?

In Layout options, vertical spacing, put 180% in the “little” lonely line about galley view. Or 200% if it still doesn’t fit!

Perfect. Thanks as always Marc.

We’re not sure when repeats playback will be available – unfortunately not in either the small update coming soon or the larger one coming in the autumn, for sure.

“Mosso” means “movement” so it’s not unreasonable that it should increase the tempo by default, but of course it should be possible to make it reduce the tempo if you specify a modifier like “meno”, and this doesn’t work at the moment.

Thanks Daniel.

Mosso - duh! (my bad), of course it does. I had it down as meno mosso and was puzzled to see the tempo increasing.