galley view by default

hi there,

For those of us using Dan Kreider’s immensely helpful method of consolidating scores, is there a way to keep “Full Score” in “Galley View” by default? I find myself flipping between parts and the “Full Score” and having to switch into “Galley View” a few too many times a day…

thank you!

No, at the moment there’s no way to do this, but it has been suggested that we should provide different default view types for different layout types, and this is on our list of possible future improvements.

Got it thanks! I’ll set up a shortcut for “Galley View” in the meanwhile.

There’s already a shortcut for galley view: Shift+Alt+2. (Page view is Shift+Alt+1.)

true - but Shift-Alt is a bit awkward on the Mac in terms of hand position.
I’m going to change it to command-option 2 for Galley and command-option 1.
Somehow easier to use two fingers instead of three.

On my mac it’s already alt+cmd+ 1(page view) or 2 (galley view)
I added alt+cmd+ 3 (frames) or 4 (Staff spacing) or 5 (Note spacing) or 6 (Graphics) for different Engrave modes :wink:

I also switch between different voices and their layouts quite often and would like to stay in galley view, but every time I change the layout (f.e. from choir-part to full score and back) Dorico jumps back to page view. It would be really useful if Dorico would not only remember the zoom factor, but also the view mode. Shortcuts come in handy, but it’s still time consuming and I often loose the focus and I’m forced to hit “play from selection” to find the place I’m working on.

So I really wait for different view types, as Daniel mentioned above …