Galley View obstruction

Is there a way to adjust how these greyed objects are displayed in Galley view? These are currently completely blocking part of the staff, which includes the first note which should be a half-note, not to mention the partial block of that quarter note.

Have you tried scrolling horizontally?

Yes. These grayed objects only go away if I’m at the left-edge of the score, measure 1. A simple thing may be to hide them but I’m not finding this option among all the things that are hide-able.

The greyed objects are theoretically the name, current key signature and clef of the instrument on that stave. All of these things are generally useful things to have, and there’s no reason why they should ever “cover” anything on the stave if you scroll out of the way.

I still can’t quite understand what the problem is…

During playback, the currently sounding notes can be covered by these greyed objects.