Galley view should show active playing technique

In one of the Dorico livestreams I mentioned this suggestion and got a helpful response but I will mention this request again here since I have run into a need for this several more times.

Galley View displays the name of the instrument in gray text on the left edge of the screen. It would be very helpful if Galley View also displayed any active playing techniques along with the instrument label indication, i.e. “Viola (pizz.)”

I specifically run into the need for this feature during time-constrained score review with Dorico open for review, for example the conductor or a performer asks “is this supposed to be arco here?” and have about 5 seconds to clarify before excess time is wasted. Currently this means scrolling backwards in the score (off-screen) to see which techniques are still active or have been cancelled. (Almost no time savings compared to leafing through many pages of a hard copy.)

Also in writing rapidly, with lots of scrolling around many staves, it is not always easy to know which techniques are active by glance, if they were initiated “off page to the left”.

The answer given in the livestream was, “Just select a note and you’ll hear what technique is active, in the playback.” That is debatable on simple scores but not easily done with complex scores or during rehearsals where audio playback/verification is not easy. (The ears during those times are for listening to humans, not for listening to a laptop).

Additionally, the status bar could show the active techniques for the selected note(s). i.e. “Note: D4 (Up-stem Voice 1, pizz.)”


If you open the key editor below your galley view, you can show active playing techniques there.

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