Game Audio Connect: audio file names

Hello folks,

Im exporting audio to Wwise via drag and drop to game audio connect and the filename is always “untitled.wav” or some variation of it.

Is that an issue in the game audio pipeline?

How do I make GAC name the files?

I setup the file naming scheme in the Export Audio Mixdown dialogue, but nothing happened. Even tried with cycle markers, but the name of the object in Wwise is always “untitled”. Is this how its supposed to be?

I’m experiencing the exact same issue, using Wwise 2017.2.1, and Nuendo 8.
The only way I can get around it is to use the File–>Export–>Audio Mixdown.
At that moment, Wwise prompts me with the proper name and location.
Drag and Drop, like in your case, gives me an Untitled file located under …\AppData\Local\Temp\Untitled


Did you ever resolve this issue? I’m having the same problem with Nuendo 11 and Wwise 2019.2.8

Sorry, but no. I had to accept the error as “normal behavior” and move on.

I didn’t have to use GAC everyday back then, so it wasn’t a big issue for me.

What about you? Did you find any solutions?

I did contact them and the solution was that it follows the settings from render in place.
If I remember correctly, I had to uncheck or check the box about using custom name in the render in place settings window.

Yannick M.


There’s a video that demonstrates how this works called " Nuendo 7 for Game Audio - Working seamlessly with Wwise" on the Steinberg YouTube channel (can’t post links in the forum so I can’t link to it). The part you are looking for is at 2’10"

Since it’s an old video the button for the naming options is different now - it is now a little gear next to the file name input box.