Game Audio Connect: just Wwise? or other Middleware?

Hi Folks,

I´m wondering if Game Audio Connect (GAC) is compatible with other Middlewares different than Wwise.

The manual says:

“Game Audio Connect makes it easy to transfer game audio assets to game audio engines or middleware, such as Audiokinetic Wwise”

So this literally means GAC is compatible with other middleware software.

Has anyone actually tried this? Which middlewares or game engines have you used with GAC?


I’ve just asked in the FMOD forum as well, since FMOD Studio 2 has just been released, and no sign of Game Audio Connect :frowning:

Hi guys,

with Nuendo 10, the Game Audio Connect SDK will become available to any 3rd party who wants to connect to
Nuendo in a (similar) manner than Wwise. At GDC next week, we will have some conversations with said 3rd parties.
But in the end, it is their decision, not ours. That said, the collaboration with Audiokinetic has been very fruitful.