Game Audio Connect not connecting with Wwise: "Network Connection Disabled"

Game Audio Connect Plugin is showing error “Network Connection Disabled” despite how I have installed the Nuendo GAC Plugin in my Audiokinetic Wwise Install that is currently running on the same machine and network that Nuendo 12 (updated, registered, and a new blank project opened) is running on.

I understand I am able to try to get Nuendo 12.0.20 and Wwise 2021.1.7.7796 communicating via:

  • “File>Nuendo Connection Settings” in Wwise
  • “Project>Game Audio Connect>Game Audio Connect Settings>Enable Game Engine Network Connection” in Nuendo,

but I should not have to do this as both software are running on the same machine, which is just a consumer laptop running on a normal private Wi-Fi connection on Windows 11 .

I’ve tried restarts of the program and will try a restart of computer now that I’ve freshly installed and registered/activated Nuendo 12. I’ve never connected or utilized Game Audio Connect before so would appreciate help getting it set up, or, if this is some sort of bug, then having Steinberg work on squashing it ASAP as I need to use GAC for a project starting in a few days.

I may have solved the issue by setting “localhost” into the “Server Address” field of Wwise’s “Nuendo Connection Settings” panel, instead of leaving it to the default IP address. More info in Audiokinetic’s Wwise documentation article called “Nuendo Connection Settings”

I’m assuming that, even though this felt to me like it was a “workaround requiring the use of connecting extra stuff I didn’t have to instead of just running both programs on the same machine natively like is advertised”, I think this is how to activate and run both programs in communication on the same machine natively like is advertised. So I guess Wwise is “at fault” for having the Server Address not set to “localhost” by default (make sure you set both programs’ port numbers to the same thing too, of course, the default 4444 worked fine for me), but Steinberg/Nuendo are also at fault for not updating their extremely-unhelpful documentation links on this issue, titled “Export Audio Assets to a Game Audio Engine” and “Game Audio Connect”

Also, a critique of this support forum: You can’t post links? You force your paying customers to have to hand-type everything in the support forums after they’ve spent thousands on your software and can’t rely on your bare-bones documentation to solve issues and then want to just quickly set helpful links and hyperlinks to useful resources to get help / help others, which is literally doing your work for you, and then you enforce anti-user principles like disabling links in posts? Pretty outdated feeling, in my opinion. Can we sprinkle a little modern-day user experience and customer experience into the Steinberg atmosphere? It’s 2022, for God’s sake.

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Agreed. It’s ludicrous we can’t post links here, and also would like to see more documentation on Game Audio Connect plugin!