GAMELOOP/EVENTLOOP in Cubase-/Steinberg-Software

Hey i have a question,

which kind of gameloop your are using in your cubase or other steinberg software?

do you use different gameloops? for animations one and for the music an other one?

do you use fixed-timestamp, variable-timestamp, semi-fixed-timestamp, fixed-timestamp with catchUp- gameloops?

do you interpolate with delta-time-datas?

for example what do you do if i press the start button in cubase?
how is the automation-data readed? how is the music-data readed? how is the animation for the the meteres set?.. and so on

(other question how is the automation data written?, quantisized to an fixed-timestamp of your gameloop?)

i readed this paper: Fix Your Timestep! | Gaffer On Games

or this: Game Loop · Sequencing Patterns · Game Programming Patterns

but im searching for the optimal gameloop (and i think the cubase-developer have an otpimal gameloop^^).

i want to do something like that: event-tracking/recording and play-events on a timeline… something like that you do with the automation-data.

But i have also animations in my applications, so i want to use the gameloop for both of that.
i want that this works exact and accurate.

An other question, do you use something like sleep-functions in your code to save cpu-time?

i hope you can answer my questions^^

lg knotenpunkt