Gamescom 2019

Hey Steinberg

I‘m at gamescom and saw you hold the Nuendo World Tour there. But I cannot find info on where at gamescom you are. Hall? Booth?

Does anybody know?

A bit sad I have to say that I wasn’t able to attend the World Tour of Nuendo 10 at gamescom. I saw that Steinberg posted it on their official Facebook page and I tried to find out where in the vast space of gamescom this took place. But neither here, nor on their Facebook page, nor on Twitter Steinberg replied where, in which Hall or Booth Nuendo 10 was shown. Well, maybe next time or another place.

Sorry for the missing reaction. We had to skip Gamescon on short notice in favour for Soundtrack Cologne, where we conduct a workshop together with Ubisoft.

Ah, that explains it :wink:. Bummer. Would have loved to meet. Anyway, thanks Timo.