gaming console controller as a control surface/mouse

Does anyone have ever heard of a gaming console controller (ie: Playstation controller) being used as a control surface or basically, mouse/ keyboard controller ? If it’s possible, It would be an extremely efficient and ergonomic way for enhancing your work flow (especialy automations, key commands, mix… etc) and It would be affordable.

Just asking, I want to know.

Thanks in advance.

Aloha V,

Kool idea.

Here is a thread on alternative controllers:

HTH (hope this helps)

Thanks for replying. I know about the pen and trackball, those are definitely better tools than a mouse, without a question. But I’m really curious about a fully mappable, implemented, pseudo control surface basically made out of game controller. Thank you anyway. :sunglasses:

Addac make an Nchunk controller module for eurorack systems.

Here it is in action.

Here is the manual and blurb

I have set up my wired XBox controller as a basic remote for Cubase, details here:

Thanks for the articles guys. Helpful stuff.