"Ganz nah" (EDM,House) cubase 12 pro project video song

not my usual kind of production but it was an opportunity to make a collaboration with a singer friend Lea Weizman ,and also a known musician in Austria Gary Lux. (this is the German / Austrian version, there are also English and Hebrew versions coming )
hope for my first EDM/House production it sounds “Normal” :melting_face:

Personally, the musical genre does not matter to me. The most important is 'How does that sound? '.

It sounds very good, it’s very well done. There are surely people who will say ‘You should add this or that’, it doesn’t matter in the end what is important is ‘Do you like it or don’t you like it’. Me, I like it!

There are a lot of things in this production, the number of tracks to manage, the choice of timbres, to balance all that well and to achieve a mix that holds up, it’s a lot of work and you have done it very well.

Very cool production!

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Thanks @Rene_L
this kind of production/Genre is kind of new to me, relevant feedback for me for future similar productions can give me some thought on how to improve.
of course there are many opinions and tastes , but if the comments are on point and not to offensive I’m ok with it.
and yes this project is full of tracks !
takes time to control them all in a mix to make them seat nicely and behave )) :beers: