GAO does not allow processed audio material for drag drop

Just as the title says,

I had this problem for a while and couldn’t figure out, but it seems that GAO does not allow processed audio material (eg. Normalize, Gain) for drag drop.

Any work around? I want to do this because I have a guitar part too small in volume so I normalized a couple of sliced parts, but it doesn’t allow me to drag drop those to GAO after process. All untouched imported audio materials are drag drop capable. BTW I drag drop directly from the project window.


bounce the file to new copy

bounce the file to new copy

Hi JMCecil,

I select-highlighted the sliced up audio regions on my audio track and went File/Export/Selected Tracks…/Copy and copied these 8 slices to a new folder I created on the desktop of my mac temporarily.

Then I re-imported these files to a new Audio track in Cubase 6 and drag/dropped the 8 slices to GAO and it works now!

Thanks! :stuck_out_tongue:

you could export them to the pool or new track also, then they are in the project. But, glad it worked for you. Remember, the events on the timeline are NOT audio files, they are references. That’s an important distinction to keep in mind when some things don’t behave the way you want them to.

Hi JMCecil,

Thanks for the better idea.

How can I export these reference files to the pool and have them show up as “new audio files”?
I see the sliced up audio files show up separately in the pool (with their unique names), but they all still show up as the full time length of the audio file before slicing them up (they should all be around 1sec or less but all the original length 48 sec…)
Also it seems I cannot drag drop the sliced up samples to the pool :frowning: (I guess this is because they’re only reference files?)

BTW I tried a way in which I went Export/Audio Mix Down… and under channel selection I chose the audio track which I have drag dropped the sliced up audio files into (4 of them in this case) to create new audio files (not just reference)

Then to the right there is “import into project” option and I selected “pool” and “track” and exported it.

The sliced up materials showed up on a new track all glued together, so then I re-sliced them and they were drag droppable into GAO.

Maybe not the best way but it worked…but very inconvenient… :cry:

batch export should keep them separate. I could be wrong. I haven’t tried that particular drill.

Wait a minute. If you have eight slices in a single track and bounce each slice independently in place, then you could drag each slice into GAO.

What am I missing?

he’s bouncing them in one shot … so he gets 1 file.

JM, yes, I understand, but I thought the OP was wanting to bring a series of short guitar parts to the GAO, not an entire track? He ends up slicing the track again and he doesn’t need to.

Yeah, but who wants to bounce 16 things one at a time?