GAO Popping sound at end after snipping audio file

I drag and drop audio files to GAO to slice up samples (more precisely decide start/end point of audio file) for fast attack sounding riffs n’ stuff.

But when I do this the start or end points get a popping sound, like it is a bad point to snip or something. Sometimes it cuts off nicely, but sometimes I just can’t get rid of the obvious “snipped” sound.

Any work around? Now I know you can do this by fading the start and end but GAO doesn’t have that.


That’s exactly the problem. You will be cutting a whats called a non zero crossing point.

I’d also like to add that certain audio parts dragged and dropped into GAO does not show the wave form of the sound at all. This is inconvenient because how in the heck will I know where the start and end points are!

Any ideas? Thanks!

Thanks for reply Split.

Is there a way to prevent this in GAO though? If not I don’t see the point in being able to do this in GAO in the first place :frowning:

Sorry I’m not familiar with GAO

You do know you can (sort of) zoom when holding CTRL and moving the start or end marker in GAO?
Or just simply set the start and end marker (event start/end) in Cubase before dropping it in GAO.

After setting the start/endpoints, you can use the volume envelope (amplifier) to smooth starts and ends, if needed.

I just saw I didn’t post a thanks!

Thank you very much for the advice here niles and everyone!

Try the ADSR settings in GAO. Enveloping your sounds should do the trick.