Gap after grace notes

That worked very well, thank you John

Except in trying to do it with this one - I got the flipped slur from the grace note working ok, but I’ve got something weird happening with the last set of ties (bb161-2.) . This may not have anything to do with the grace note slurs of course.

Try putting all four of the tied lower whole notes in the same downstem voice.

That worked thank you once again John!

And now I can’t work out a similar way to fix the ties on this example. The 16th note in the lower voice will appear with a tail. I can remove the tail, but then the stem extension is missing so it looks a little odd.
Screenshot 2023-05-24 at 21.09.43

Try putting just the lower whole note in a downstem voice and the sixteenth notes in the same upstem voice.

Unfortunately the lower tie searches for the next same note in the second voice several bars on, so that doesn’t work. I will have to do it by manipulating it in Engrave mode.

If one selects a note and then CTRL/CMD + Clicks the succeeding note in another voice, one can tie between two voices.

To quote myself from earlier in this topic:

Sorry John I forgot! Thank you for your patience.

I’m now looking at the piano part in this project. In the screenshot, the ties are the default. They don’t look great to me. But would this be considered acceptable in a professional publication? And apart from manipulating them in Engrave, is there a better solution?
Screenshot 2023-05-26 at 11.35.54

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Yes, they’re pretty good, I’d say. They are all clearly avoiding staff lines, and clearly in line with the notes to which they apply. They need to be that curved in order to avoid staff lines, so I think they present a reasonable compromise. Clarity and legibility, after all, is paramount.

Ok thanks Daniel.

You could try setting Engraving Options>Ties>Ties in Chords>Tie endpoint positioning in chords to Outermost ties above/below noteheads, others between and see if you like this better, although this change might adversely affect other ties in your project.