Gap after tie

Why is there a gap after the tie?

Dorico_Gap.dorico (554.9 KB)

Removing the tie from the half-note D closes the gap, but I see no reason a tie should add a gap.

I don’t know the answer, but it looks more that the tie is shortened, rather than a gap is added. There is a slight increase in spacing, but the shortening of the tie is the more significant thing.

Yes, I see that now, that the space in the 1st voice is (almost?) the same. It is as you say a shorter tie, caused by(?) the tie in the 2nd voice. Odd. I hope this is noted by DS for further investigation. Easy to fix in Engrave mode, but it would be better if it was by default.

Further odd things are, IMO, that when

you get
which to me looks wrong. The 2nd voice should not be affected by the dots in the 1st voice.
Again something for further investigation by the Dorico team for a future version.

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It’s easier to see the cause of this latter shortening, and the issue has been raised before. I’m still baffled by the first example.