Gap between intro and first song help

Hi, I am mastring my first cd I have recorded. The cd will have an “intro” as track nr 1, with an abrubt ending, and track nr 2 is supposed to come really fast after the abrubt ending of track nr 1. So I have put the splice marker right after the sound ends in track nr 1, and then there is 300 ms of silence before the audio of track nr 2 begins. See pic please!!!

I have tried the cd in 2 car stereos and they can handle the short pause between those songs well, no errors. Also tried it in my brothers stereo and it worked fine. But my own stereo dont seem to be able to handle the short time between the songs. :S

Can someone experienced please look at the pic and tell me if its ok to have it the way I have placed it. Do I HAVE TO have silence for 1-2 seconds after the audio in the first track (before the splice marker) maybe?
gap between intro and first song.jpg

It looks OK to me. In fact, I would have probably put the track marker just a little more to right to be sure there is no remnants of the previous track audible though it looks like you do have sharp fade. I find that 200ms is enough and have never had a complaint that I know of.

Anyway, I wouldn’t compromise the desired flow of songs just for the sake of one car stereo :smiley:

I would make the song transitions how you or the artist wants them and work around that…but that’s just my opinion.

Looks fine indeed - the probem is in your stereo player. The silence could be zero in your example (and is in live CDs for instance) The only mandatory silence on a CD is the 2 seconds in front of the first track, which WL adds automatically (and which you normally won’t see).

MrPicker, I just wondered what CD player you have that can’t handle 300ms offset? That’s the worst case I’ve heard of. And it chops the start, not a fade up on the start?

That player seems out of spec to any sort of standard if mastering programs default to lower safe offsets, like in the Wavelab CD wizard, or with splice markers in Soundblade, as I recall.

When looking for the default CD marker offsets in the Wavelab CD Wizard, I noticed the factory presets “adjust gaps only” and “adjust pauses and gaps” have only 5 frame offsets (about 66ms) for “silence after Track Start marker”. I don’t think this is correct because it’s always been 15 frames (about 200ms) in Wavelab. The “create CD markers as clips” factory preset seems to have the standard value (15 frames).

Also, the first two presets seem to have a test UPC that probably shouldn’t be there.

Yes, that must be an error.