Gap between thin and thick barlines......[SOLVED]?

I know there is a setting for adjusting the gap between thin and thick barlines for final barline in Engraving Options. But when reducing the staff size (to say, 60%), the default gap seems way too spaced. If I try and adjust this using Engraving Options, this will negatively adjust the look of staves using 100% staff size by making the gap appear too small. Is there a way to adjust these gaps independent of each other? :confused:

I thought I would reply to my own post with this UPDATE - it now seems to be drawing correctly on screen, so perhaps this has resolved on its own.

Here is a screen shot showing how it is drawing now…

I think in your second example, the small staff may be OK, but the final barline in the regular staff has become too narrow now. The Engraving option isn’t applied proportionally to the staff size.

Actually, in both pictures I did not apply any change to the defaults, so the 2nd example is showing a changed appearance that just resolved on its own. (I know, kind of strange). So what you are seeing are Dorico’s defaults. I guess the regular staff could be tweaked if desired. We may be getting into the territory of “optical illusions” a little. Bottom line… I don’t believe there’s much of an issue with my original concern as it definitely resolved on its own (not sure how, but possibly due to a screen re-draw), and the 2nd picture looks much better to my eye.