Gap betwen stave with coda, and the stave above


I am getting quite a bit of space between the stave that has a coda sign, and the stave above it. Is there a way I can automatically make that gap tighter, or will I have to manually adjust it?

It might be the combination of the coda and the rehearsal mark at the same position that’s causing the bigger than expected gap there, musicmak3r. If you remove the rehearsal mark E, does that close the gap up at all?

I can confirm this issue. With rehearsal marks the automatic layout function seems to be faulty. Therefore I use only bar numbers, no rehearsal marks. It would be nice, if this will be fixed with the further update.

Rehearsal mark spacing has been discussed quite a bit, as they currently seem to require a disproportionate amount of vertical space. I agree some improvements here would be helpful. The team is aware of it.

I can’t bring myself to use bar numbers, because the spacing and appearance of rehearsal marks themselves are so nice. I do find Ctrl, Alt, and Tab make short work of manual staff spacing adjustments (no mouse!!).

Sorry, I got so caught up doing work. Dorico has overall been rewarding after getting over the learning curves (coming from Finale). I think I was able to resolve this issue by messing with the vertical gap manipulation in the page layout. However, as I continue to work on various projects, I have noticed that every now and then the rehearsal marks do cause a little bit of spacing issues. Overall, keep up the good work guys! I hope you can keep your fire burning!

The same issue for me! The vertical gap between the coda staff and the staff above is way to big even without rehearsal marks. Actually I would love that the coda staff wouldn’t create a bigger gap at all, because it’s indented anyhow. So the best thing would be to give us users control over this vertical gap. Right now I have to fix this manually in every single part layout.

After some experimenting I know realised, that not only the coda sign is producing a gap, but also the segno. Even more if I change the size of it by a custom scale. The result is in every part a weird looking gap wich I would have to fix with lots of manual work (concertina spacing and so on). But in the end it’s a completely unwanted behaviour.

My wish here would be a possiblity to make the stave spacing of an instrument part with a single stave even in a quick way, because those non-wanted gaps are irritating for the eye. So it would be genious, if I could just set an even amount of system distance, wich is not harmed by markers, repeat markers or any other items in the score.

My guess is that you might have suboptimal settings on the Vertical Spacing page of Layout Options. Set the smallest values you would be willing to accept for each of the various distances defined there, and then let vertical justification handle spreading the staves and systems out. If you specify too large a gap then it causes Dorico to have less wiggle room to distribute any unevenness in the staff or system gaps, which can itself cause the layout to be more uneven than you are expecting.

I found the same solution all by myself, which you mentioned above and it was working, but if I want to work without justification, the gap is back, even though there is lots of space between systems and no gap is needed.

If you want me to give any further advice, please provide an example project and details of where you’re seeing the problem, and how you would prefer it to look.