Gaps between bars

I am new to Dorico and am in the second week of using the trial version after recently finding Dorico after years of Sibelius. As a piano teacher my first test project was to copy a four-part fugue by Handel and I am very happy with the results though I did find the learning curve quite steep but I managed!

My next project is putting together a music theory exam paper. Is it possible to put gaps between bars? I would like three separate single bars across the page each with a clef. I have watched the video on Worksheet creation and know I can create new flows for each bar but hoped there may be a quicker way as I would also like to create a worksheet with 50 single separate bars on a page for note naming.

Also is there a way of having notes in parenthesis?

I did try to attach an example pdf file but received a warning that it’s an invalid file extension.


I think there’s currently no easier way to create isolated bars than using frames. You don’t actually need to put each bar in a separate flow but you’ll need to create a separate music frame for each one. Then you can number them correctly and just let your bars flow through the frame chain.

Notes in parentheses are not implemented yet (except for percussion). Your best bet is probably to add the parentheses as text objects. You could also try something with the Notehead editor, but I seem to remember that others have reported problems with that route.

Zip the pdf file up. Or better still, post a graphic file, png or jpg…

Thanks for that

Add a Coda and hide it! That’s what I’ve used for exactly what you’re asking. You can change the size of the gap in Engraving Options.

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Nice one, Dan. Didn’t think of that. :slight_smile:

If you have positioned parentheses (as text objects) correctly around one note, you can select the pair and Alt-click them to other notes. You may need two or three different sets of parentheses — for bare notes and for notes with accidentals.

Very helpful thanks to everyone