gaps in tuplet spacing in galley view

Just a minor thing:
Gaps occur when viewing a continuous series of notes in certain tuplets (not 3:2, 5:4 and probably others but 4:3, 5:3 and probably others). This only occurs in galley view.


tuplets (352 KB)

Spacing in galley view is always an approximation.

In galley view, when there are no bar lines or time signature, Dorico arbitrarily chops up the music into pieces 16 quarter notes long, to speed up editing. Otherwise, changing a single note duration on one staff might require reformatting everything up to the end of the flow, which would be too slow. By chopping up the music, Dorico only needs to reformat the sections that are wholly or partly visible when you edit something.

Your gap seems to be at a “16 beat boundary”. The issue will go away in page view, where the system breaks automatically chop up the music into “small enough” sections for formatting.

That seems logical, thanks for your knowledgeable reply