Garageband via Cubasis

Hi there guys,

Is there a way around how to record an audio file using Garageband as Virtual midi in Cubasis?
As it is very unpractical to export the audio via garageband, send it to my email and then insert it to cubasis. Is there no other way around? I mean using AUDIOBUS I’m able to export all of my plugins to audio directly in Cubasis, but I’m not able to do it with Garageband and that is very frustrating…Any advise? anybody?


This is GB problem, not Cubasis. The way I choosed is thru the Audio Share. but still it is not convenient ((

Search YouTube, “Application note #12
This is a tutorial on how to play Garage Band instruments via Geoshred. It helped. You will need to buy the Midiflow app. Do the necessary configurations as the tutorial says.
Now, to play GB sound via Cubasis you need to select a midi track on Cubasis, set the midi output to the input which you have created in Midiflow. Open a GB instrument, keep Midiflow open, play midi via Cubasis. You don’t need Geoshred for the purpose.