Garbage collection issues?

I love Dorico, mostly… Not too fond of the frequent stalls that occur every minute or so (UI completely stops responding for several seconds - playback not affected). Feels like garbage collection happening (Windows 10, 32GB RAM). Any chance this is going to get fixed? Thanks.

Auto-save? That’s the usual culprit. Check Preferences.

Unless you have a huge project, or some resource-hungry sample libraries, you are unlikely to be hitting any garbage collection issues. Since playback is not affected, that rules out the sample library option.

FWIW I have a Dorico project with more than 120 staves and 4000 bars of music, and that runs in less than 16GB RAM.

As Dan said, check the settings for autosave in Preferences. Try switching it off completely to see if the problem goes away.

Was skeptical, but that does seem to have reduced the frequency. I’m surprised that saving should cause a UI freeze like that, it would be good to at least give notice somehow that that’s what’s happening (status bar, cursor, etc.). Thanks!