Garritan CFX

HI. I just bought the Garritan CFX Abbey Road grand piano, with the Aria player. When I load Cubase (10.5), I see that they are blacklisted unde “Not a plugin”, which it obviously is? Any known problem?


Is it VST2 or VST3 plug-in, please? If there are both (VST2 and VST3) version installed, can you see the VST3 version?

Could you attach a screenshot of the Blacklist tab, please?

Here it is…


Is it VST2.4 or newer, please?

Make sure the plug-in is up to date, please.

I bought the plugin yesterday? How can I see if it’s 2.4?


Did you download it from a server or did you install from a DVD? If you didn’t download, make sure, it’s the latest update, please.

Actually, I don’t know if Cubase shows 2.4 version, or 2 only. Only 2.4+ are supported.

Are those plugins working in standalone work? I have a lot of Garritan libraries and they work fine in Cubase and in Sonar as well as standalone.

Hi, sorry for answering late, just cloned my main hard disk to M.2 ssd, what a change in speed.
The Garritan works in standalone mode, the VST3 I can’t find anywhere, the vst2 is labelled “not a plugin”, so it’s not even possible to reactivate it.

Ok, fixed. I had to manually move the .dll file to the Cubase plugins folder. Garritan made it’s own, Cubase didn’t see it.


In this case the common solution is to set Cubase so it scans the 3rd party folder, in the VST Plug-in Managed > Set VST2 Plug-in Path.