Garritan JABB (Aria Player) and VST Expression

Hi All,

I have recently installed the Garritan Jazz and Big Band (JABB) library as a VSTi which uses the Aria player. I would like to use VST dynamics/expression to control the patches, but I just can’t get it to work at all.

I followed the instructions in the Cubase manual (ver 6.5.4) and created both MIDI and Instrument tracks from the JABB VSTi. I was careful to use the KS voices, which have key switches. Now I should get the option ‘Import Key Switches’ from the Expression Map pop-up menu, but no such option exists. So, struggling on, I opened the Expression Map Setup window. I tried to import an expression map from the folder that comes with Garritan JABB, but nothing happened. They’re definitely the correct format (.expressionmap files) but I can’t seem to use them.

I tried assigning an expression map from Halion Symphonic (‘trumpet’, since you ask) but that had no effect. In the end I just used controller data to vary volumes, etc., but it’s very frustrating not being able to control expression using the mapping feature, especially as I usually input this from the Score Editor using ff, pp, mp etc and note symbols such as accents, falls, etc.

I notice that the JABB VSTi was vreated using version 2.4 of the VST SDK. Is this sufficient? Maybe I read somewhere that expression maps only work on SDKs of 3.5 or higher???

Anyway, can anyone shed any light on this?


BUMP. Sorry to bump my own post, but I’d really like an answer… :confused:


This is strange - I thought ‘Import Key Switches’ worked for the Garritan instruments, but I can’t get it to work either on C6.5 or C7. I’ve got the latest Aria player (1.620) and have tried with JABB and GPO4. The only thing I can suggest at the moment is to download the expression maps from the Garritan site - there’s a link here:-

I’ll keep investigating though as I thought I’d used this in the past, but maybe that was with the old pre-Aria libraries.


P.S. I’ve just tried Import Key Switches in HALion Sonic and it works fine. Also tried Kontakt 5 and it doesn’t, so this looks like it only works for the Steinberg VSTis and I’m misremembering using it with Garritan.