Garritan Libraries Users ~ Christmas Project For You

Calling all Dorico users of Garritan libraries.

So, we have a brand-new shiny major update from Dorico, the mighty 1.1 verson. If you are looking for a truly meaningful and significant project to put through your new Dorico, I have just the thing for you.

Our Garritan Libraries Community have an annual tradition of creating a free Christmas CD using only Garritan libraries and are now in our 14th year. Contributors offer Christmas song arrangements and a selection is made from those sent in for inclusion on our CD which is then offered as a free download.

Tracks can be created solely in Dorico, or in a DAW or, as I do, using both! I now create my score in Dorico then move into my DAW via a Dorico MIDI file. The choice is yours.

Nominations list is open and completed tracks must be received by October 31st.

We are currently running our latest (14th) album to be released in time for Christmas. Our album is mastered by a professional audio-engineer and producer in the USA. I emphasise that there is absolutely no payment whatsoever involved; our entries and albums are offered freely in the spirit of Christmas. I also emphasise that this is not a competition. At the time of writing, we have twelve nominations with room for more high-quality recordings.

Should anyone like to hear examples, our 10th Anniversary Album and 11th Album are both available on SoundCloud. (My entries are: Volume 10 Track 06, and Volume 11 Track 02.)

Garritan Community Christmas CD 2010.
Garritan Community Christmas CD 2011.

For full information, including terms of participation and how to nominate your song, do please contact me either by PM here or send me an email to: christmas-project[at]friendsofgarritan[dot]com

At present I’m the only Dorico user involved so it truly would be great to have more songs where Dorico has played a major role and Dorico 1.1 is just the thing for the job. :wink:

Thanks and best wishes.


Hello Everyone,

Would the person who sent me a message please resend or send me an email. My contact is in my original message.

If there are any others interested in this uniqe tradition do please contact me, I’d love to hear from you.

Best wishes,