Garritan Personal Orchestra

Will I be able to use Garritan Personal Orchestra(Aria Player) with Dorico?

You can if you whitelist the ARIA Player, about which information is included in the FAQ thread pinned to the top of the forum, but you will have to load the sounds yourself as Dorico has no way of loading sounds into the ARIA Player, and if you want it to produce technique changes, such as switching between arco and pizz. on string staves, you’ll need VST Expression Maps; I’m not sure if any VST Expression Maps for GPO are yet available from the community, but hopefully people who have taken the time to set them up will also in due course be willing to share their hard work with other members of the user community.

Does Dorico use the same expression maps that Cubase uses? I used GPO expression maps in Cubase.

Yes, you can import your Cubase expression maps for GPO into Dorico. Please check out the blog post and video I made to accompany the Dorico 1.0.10 release for more details.

Thank you.