Can I use Garritan Personal Orchestra with Dorico?
Tim Cook

Yes, I’m using it.

Are there any steps to setting it up?

You have to add the vst to your whitelist
on Mac:

on Windows:
C:\Program Files\Steinberg\Dorico\VSTAudioEngine\Components\vst2whitelist.txt

Add this to the existing list for Aria player 1872:

ARIA Player VST Multi

It works fine but there seems to be a bug causing the send in the mixer drops its routing so that the reverb doesn’t work.
Read more about in in this thread.

This doesn’t work for me! I follow the instructions re adding the VSTs for the ARIA Player but then it won’t let me save the file with a message " Notepad - Access is denied". I must be doing something wrong - but any help would be much appreciated!


I have now added the VST to the whitelist (after sorting out the permissions on my new computer) but the ARIA Player is not showing up in the VST list in Dorico. Another plea for help here!


Have you also changed the defaults.xml file inside the VSTAudioEngine folder, the precise location of which on Windows currently escapes me, but which is comprehensively detailed in the knowledge base?

I found the defaults.xml file in the VSTAudioEngine and having consulted the knowledge base article looked in the Components\Category Audio Module Class\Available group. The article says to find an entry where the value=0 in this group and modify it to 1 (and then save the file) However, all the entries in that folder are already “value=1”! I expect I’m missing something simple, but what should be my next step?

Have you tried rebooting? If you did and it is still an issue, could you please zip up that VSTAudioEngine folder and post here? And also your whitelist, please.

The article says to find an entry where the value=0 in this group and modify it to 1 (and then save the file)

When I addad the ARIA-player, its 32 digit code weren’t there (and no other entry with “value=0”). So I simply duplicated one of the rows and replaced the long 32-digit number with the one for the ARIA-player.

Here are the zip files you requested, Ulf. I did try what MatsHall suggested but I was unsure exactly what I was doing and didn’t want to make any further problems! I hope this information is what you need.

Peter (247 KB) (239 Bytes)

Where is you ARIA VST located? The only reliable location on Windows seems to be:
Program Files\Common Files\VST2\

Also it seems your whitelist is wrong… the listing should be:
ARIA Player VST_x64

(you’re missing the _x64 bit…)

Hi Peter,

thanks for the upload. The audio engine can find your ARIA player, but as Fratveno already mentioned, you are missing the _64 ending, so it should be ARIA Player Multi VST_x64 and ARIA Player VST_x64.
Please change your whitelist accordingly and try again.


Success! Thank you for all the help - I now have the Garritan sounds available as well as the Halion sounds.


I recently found some expression map files in my download queue for a few early Garritan string instruments and JABB instruments.

  1. Where should I install these?
  2. Are additional CuBase expression maps for Garritan instruments available, and is there a location from which to download them for those who do not own CuBase?

You can import Cubase expression maps into Dorico via the Play > Setup Expression Maps dialog.

A small number of expression maps for Cubase can be downloaded here.

Thank you. Do these (Garritan) expression maps have to be imported on a file-by-file basis, or is there a way to make them stick?

They have to be imported into each project separately, for now.

I’m trying to use the sforzando vst by plogue on Windows. I’ve put the dll everywhere I can think of.but can’t get it to work.
I’m using the whitelist information they provided on their forums.

sforzando VST_x64

it doesn’t appear automatically in Defaults.xml and adding a manual entry for it doesn’t do anything either.
Where should it be appearing in Dorico, I’m looking in the dropdown menu under VST instruments in Play mode.