GASE and GA5 - Presets are no longer loaded

Have any of you encountered this problem which I consider rather annoying.

I have a Cubase file about a year old backed up with Cubase version 11, containing audio tracks and VST Instruments.

I opened this file with version 12 of Cubase (and some others for testing) and the VST Instruments tracks load their VST plugins and presets without any problem except Groove Agent SE and Groove Agent 5 (versions 5.1.11). Groove Agent is loaded, but not the preset associated with it. I have other VSTs like HALion Sonic SE, Retrologue, Padshop, The Grand 3 which are present and loaded with the presets associated with them when saving.

I tried again to open this file with Cubase 11, but the same problem occurs, Groove Agent is loaded, but not the preset. So it’s not Cubase that’s the problem.

Why are all other VSTs loaded with their presets and not Groove Agent?

Can someone enlighten me on this?