GAse4 crashes when dragging patterns onto timeline

Groove Agent se4 crashes to the desktop when dragging Kit Patterns onto the Instrument track timeline

Anyone else seen this yet?
I was following the steps of the Cubase 8 Pro Quick Start Videos…

  1. Choose new project using the Acoustic Guitar and Vocal Template
  2. Record a rhythm guitar track and use Tempo Detection to create click track from performance
  3. Insert Groove Agent SE4 as an instrument track and lot an acoustic kit with patterns.
  4. Drag one of the patterns onto the timeline of Groove Agent SE4 BUT…

If you miss the landing by a little a accidentally drag it onto the Signature Track instead, it crashes Cubase to the Desktop every time.

Cubase 8 Pro 8.0.20
Mac Mini i7 server, 16 gig, 1 TB HDD, 2 Ext USB 3.0 Audio HDD, Mavericks
Mackie 1640i Onyx Firewire Mixer, Yamaha S70sx,

I’ve got exactly the same issues on a fresh install.
If I open an empty project, it is working.
When I save a “special template” with all the routing to the 4th agent, I can’t touch any of the pattern I’ve dragged.

The was the same on my Yosemite laptop and now on my Sierra iMac.

Steinberg says something ?