GAse4 missing from LE9

When I first installed LE9.5 and activated, everything was fine. Then one day, after about 2 weeks, GA4 is now completely missing from LE9.5

After reading other forum posts, I’m left needing to ask:
Does LE9 include GAse4? Also I’m wanting to upgrade to Elements 9.5. Does Elements 9.5 include GAse4?

If both do, then I have a technical issue and am inclined simply to stay away from GA.

Any advice would be appreciated.

One other side note. I own Artist 7.5 and GA one and GAse4 are both in the vst instrument list. But not in LE.5.

When I try to load GAse4 in artist 7.5 nothing happens.

Is there no fix for this? I uninstalled LE9.5 and reinstalled and the same result, GAse4 is simply missing from VST instruments.

turn off fast startup - I found that switching it off in Power Options makes life with Windows 10 easier; less erroneous behavior …

(If your ‘turn on fast startup’ menu is missing: interesting read: F