Gate missing in strip channel (Cubase 7.0.7)

So, I didn’t do anything special (that I remember of) And I got two compressors in the strip channel instead of a Gate and a Compressor

Any Idea why ? :confused:

Is this only a specific project that is so affected or does it also pertain to existing and/or newly created projects?

Only this project and, weird enough… not in all the channels

looking it and remembering how I did the session, just the tracks that I created by “right click -> and new channel” have Gates available, the other tracks were created when I imported several tracks from the pool and put “each file in a different channel”

Hi distante,

could you please send me that project file to info(at)steinberg(dot)de? I have never seen this and it’d be interesting to find the cause.


There is indeed something a bit buggy with the racks in general.
A couple of days ago I had it in my head that I could doubleclick on an effect in the strip and it would open the full version of the plugin. After trying it a few times, suddenly all the channel strips only showed the first effect - somehow it toggled this option - fine no problem to toggle it back, but now only in this project I have an empty rack at the top of the rack pane - nothing is missing, all racks are there and work, all channelstrip elements, just one extra empty rack at the top above the PRE - weird!

Yes I have seen a few things go weird in the rack on occasion too, but much has improved over the various updates. I was sure that in an earlier version double clicking on the effect did bring up the full editor for the plugin, and did the same as you. Maybe my memory is wrong on that, but it would in fact be a nice feature to have!

Hello Luis,

I just send the email with the title “[ Luis Dongo ]Channel Strip with two compressors and no gate (Cubase 7.0.7)”


Just to show what I mean:
I just figured out this is in fact the Hardware Rack which is being erroneousl shown even though all inputs are invisible, and the Hardware rack is unselected in the racks window. I re-enabled the hardware and inputs, and upon disabling them once again, everything is back to normal. I cannot re-create the previous situation. :slight_smile: