Gate to shorten the midi notes?

In fruity loops there’s a gate which actually can shorten the length of the midi notes. Is there a similar function in cubase?
I believe this function actually exists in the stepsequencer but could you acess a gate function with regular miditracks?


You can shorten the MIDI Notes various ways in Cubase. You can set Fix length, you can do it visually by dragging, you can make legatos, you can quantise lengths or ends…

What exactly is your use case, please?

Hi Martin!
In fruity loops there’s a knob for gate value so you can hear in realtime how it affects the length of the midi notes. I often use this on my 1/16th bassnotes and it’s a good way to make it fit to the kick. Maybe there’s a controller value so you can automate this in cubase.


You can use MIDI Insert Quantizer or Transformer.

Thank you very much Martin, i’ll try this :smiley: