gated recording

Hi everybody
I have tons of synchronized, edited ADR stuff to transfer to nuendo.This can only be done by realtime recording, not OMF or AAF or whatever is available on the market. So I am looking for a gated recording function drop in drop out, level controlled. Any Idea???


Are you talking about having an incoming audio signal triggering a DAW into “record”? If that’s what you’re looking for I don’t think it exists. I also don’t really see the point in it.

What is the bigger goal here?

Why not record it as normal & use strip silence ??
That’s how we used to do it in the days before EDL’s & OMF’s etc

Hi Scharamella,

if you have 24 tracksof dialog and maybe around 120 episodes by 30 minutes it is to me a waste of time and harddisc space to use strip silence.
As you have it in other workstation and the Steinberg Wavelab programm offers this it would be a nice feature for a couple of different projects.



Wow that’s a lot of dialogue… Glad I don’t have to put it together.

Between 500 GB and < 1 TB …
Not so much these days.

Apart from the fact that this function would be well worth putting on the “list” …
With a slightly smaller task I had on hands a while ago, strip silence did a great and swift job.
Since I was then still working on an earlier version of Nuendo, the name-giving job was by far
the most awkward part. If you don’t have to name or export the single wavs, this seems a doable job.

Big K