Gated reverb problem

I’m learning Cubase on my own so I run into problems very often and this is one of them. I wanted to create a gated snare using this tutorial:

Everything is clear to me except in step 2 where it says: “The last thing you do with the gate is to trigger it to the snare track itself. That way it triggers off the original track and not the reverb itself”.
Sounds very interesting but I just can’t figure how to do this in Cubase. I checked the manual but wasn’t lucky. Must be really easy, but you know…beginners. :question:
Thanks to anyone who cares to answer!

As mentioned in the next sentence:

Find where it says “sidechain” in your DAW and link it to the snare.

Send the snare track to the sidechain input of the gate in the reverb channel.

Ok, so the link between the gate and the snare is made through the sends section in the inspector. Now I get it! :slight_smile: