I read about selecting multiple parts from the arrange page and then opening them all for simultaneous editing in the Key Editor.
Is it possible in the Key Editor to activate multiple MIDI tracks so as to edit them all simultaneously and if so how do we do this? I’ve gone to the manual, my Cub magazine tutorials, utube-Key Edit videos etc with no success in finding out if this can even be done and if so, how.
I record Strings using multiple layers of solo & ensemble libraries all mapped uniformally into Expression Maps.
What I’d like to do is load these multiple midi string tracks into the Key Editor and activate them all together so as to draw in (Globally?) the Expression Map articulations for all 13 tracks simutaneously using just a single pass in the Key Editor Articlations lane, and similarly draw in velocities etc for all tracks simultaneously with one pass in their respective lanes.
Is this possible and if so what does Cubase call this process so as I can look it up.

Look for Link Editors in Prefs.