WINDOWS 7 i7 , CUBASE 5.5.3 & 6.4, CME UF8.
When recording VST’s many of the notes in many projects (sometimes randomely) record duplicates. When I open a part from any library in the Key Editor & click on it and press delete after the deletion a duplicate of the same note is still there. I know that Cubase has a function for this but I can’t fiqure a descriptive title to open it up in the Help menu. Can anyone tell me what to do here and what Cubases terminology for this is as this behavior has shown up randomely in many projects in Cubase 5 & now is also in Cubase 6.
Thanks in advance–

Your controller probably has multiple MIDI out ports and Cubase is receiving the notes on multiple ports.
Several ways to fix it.

  1. Have your controller send MIDI on only one port.
  2. Don’t select “all MIDI inputs” as the input for the MIDI/Instrument track. Select a specific port.
  3. Disable one of the ports in Cubase under the Devices -> MIDI/ports screen or make the port “not visible” or don’t include it in “all MIDI inputs”.