GE SE 5 Acoustic Kits, their characteristics and usage.


I like the two Acoustic Kits in GASE5 but the Operations Manual has no information about the character of each Kit. I have more than one question about the two kits and since this forum gets little traffic I thought inviting a more general discussion about the Acoustic Kits here might be OK.

Obviously I’m able to listen to the presets, edit, create new versions of them, also the graphics help but I’d like to hear opinions of the differences between the two Acoustic Kits.

What kit would you go for in what which genres of music?

The HHat Options – do you use them? I hear the differences between the various Tip and Shank options, but how would you suggest working those into patterns or parts? Maybe one of you 'real drummers" who also use GA will share some thoughts on the GA Hhat Options. I don’t play drums but feel comfortable enough writing for Trap drums. I like my parts and use the Hat Options, but I’d like to hear your thoughts and opinions of the Hats and on the Cymbals as well in the GE SE Acoustic Kits.

Export Mixer to Project. This is a great feature, but, do you build your kit inside GA and then Export it, or do you tend to load a kit and export it immediately to the DAW? Any workflow or general ideas about this would be welcome.

Anything else you’d like to discuss or ask about the Acoustic Kits in GASE 5?

Thanks for any comments you’d like to make or questions you’d like to ask. :slight_smile: