Gear that works: Countour Design ShuttlePro V2

It’s nice to find a piece of kit that works as well as this; probably old news to most. Here’s a post from their forums about setting it up that avoids any misinterpretation of keystrokes:

I had one of these for a while but ended up ditching it.

never really worked well for scrubbing in WL and cubase - the number of steps in the jog controller wasn’t right IMO.

works fine as a stop/start/record type thing but not much else. I’ve got the cc121 and a tranzport now, much better.

The number of “steps” can be programed and a light touch slows things down to a crawl if needed. Obviously YMMV and I haven’ used it with video yet so I can’t attest it’s frame accuracy. The 15 assignable buttons, however, will definitely keep you going beyond simple s/s/r.