Geeky question. Why opening an instrument track GUI tab takes several seconds?

Hello, everything on my setup is basically fast (very fast). I don’t get why opening an instrument track tab GUI (that’s already loaded) can sometimes take up to 2 sec.

For exemple Kontakt tracks

2 seconds ? Is this some sort of Internet sarcasm ?

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it should be almost instant. It’s already loaded so …

it takes more times to open the gui than to actually create that same instrument track in the first place, doesn’t make sens

If a plugin takes long to open its editor, it is usually a problem with the plugin itself…
Be happy that it’s only two seconds :wink: I have plugins that take three or four times that long (looking at you, Softube!).

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Ok thanks
It was not a rent, I am really interested about software optimization and loading times in general. So I was just trying to understand