Geforce Experience status icon replicating all over cubase making it unreadable


i’ve got this issue with cubase 12 elements on my entertainment pc. The status indicator for geforce experience is placed on every panel and editing item causing it to scatter all over the screen. It used to be that it was only placed once on every panel in previous versions. But now that the ui has updated it somehow finds it’s way into every little editing box that cubase has and it basicly makes everything unreadable. How can I cure this ? (without having to uninstall geforce experience, because I like the shaddow play buffer for my games)


Could you please attach a screenshot?

here is an example of how the track mixer looks but it’s everywhere, in a sample editor layout, track editor etc…


This doesn’t come from Cubase at all. Please, follow this thread.

Sure I know definitely it’s a Geforce problem (because on my professional pc I have a radeon and it didn’t have that issue.

But I installed the studio version. It doesn’t have the imaging sharpening feature anymore but it seems that if you have image scaling OFF, it works also.