Gen2 or 3 - will it ever exist

I’m shopping for a new Interface. At the price point, I love the URC series. But I’m hesitant as I’m guessing as soon as I buy one, there will be a Gen2 or 3 usb released.

Anyone know what the future holds for Yahama/SB interfaces?

The URC is already using a plenty fast USB-C port.
Any new laptop for the coming decade will support this and there is no performance gain in getting an hypothetical future interface.
Today’s top of the line ports would be Thunderbolt 4, but there would be no tangible gain in supporting this on a 2, 4, or even 8-input interface.
So no reason to wait, unless you want to wait a few years until Ethernet (Dante and friends) becomes affordable enough… (no tangible performance gain either, but more convenient than USB).

Seems to make sense. I compared my daughters Ur44-c to thunderbolt interfaces and the thunderbolt didn’t have much increase in performance for the cost. So with that said, it seems you’re right. I started using Yamaha’s interfaces and dig the sound of the preamps so UR16C it will be.

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