Genelec Aural ID plugin working in cubase 13?

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I am getting an error when I install the Genelec Aural ID plugin into Cubase Pro 13.0.30 build 226. Goes into the block list and won’t reactivate. Works fine on all my other DAWs. This on osx sonoma 14.4.1 on an m1 macbook air 15".

Has anyone had success in using this plugin in Cubase Pro 13?

  • Richard

Hi and welcome to the forum,

What kind of error do you get, please?

Is the plug-in Native M processors compatible? If not, start Cubase in the Rosetta mode, please.

Hi Martin,

Many thanks for taking the time to respond. The error is “Unsupported architechture (x86_64)”. Interestingly it will load the plugin using rosetta mode. The plugin is M processor compatible, and loads fine in all my other daws; Logic Pro X, Reaper, Studio One and UA Luna, as well as some stand-alone vst hosts like audio hijack- all of which are in native mode.

The plugin is very new, so I imagine they still need to iron out some wrinkles. In any case it’s not a big problem for me - it’s not neccesary to run it inside Cubase itself, as it’s a monitoring plugin - just would be nice to use it in the control room.

I will follow up the issue with Genelec.

Thanks again,

  • Richard


To me it looks like the pplug-in is not M-processors or VST3 compatible. If you start Cubase in Native mode, only VST3 plug-ins with M-processors compatible plug-ins are supported.

Other DAWs are primarily using AU plug-in type (not VST) on Mac (some of them can use both, the AU and the VST), therefore the situation is different.