General behavior of Steinberg in regards to issues and bugs

all the discussions here in the forum are well and good, and i see that the moderators are trying their best to handle the flood of issues.
but from a user viewpoint, there is no clear acknowledgment by the developing team of an issue or bug and what will be done about it.
like a clear statement by Steinberg saying:
bug acknowledged/will be fixed in next update (i know i’m dreaming here…)

instead one “hopes” that it will be addressed. but all the beta testing that we are essentially doing for them is going into a corporate void with no accountability and clear process.

very frustrating!!!

There is also no notification what will be deleted and spoiled in the next version … :laughing: :laughing: :mrgreen:

And this is something that needs to be addressed with an official changelog (eg. List of Removed Features) as this would certainly influence my decision whether to update or not.

It would be nice if more bugs in this forum were officially acknowledged. Even a simple, “it’s on our list” or “officially confirmed” would add value. Right now it just feels like shouting into the void. Even with completely reproducable issues.

I submitted a report here. It’s been confirmed by another user. It can be reproduced 100% of the time following the documented steps. Now how does it go from that to getting fixed? Is Steinberg “officially” aware and monitoring this forum? Has a Steinberg QA person or beta tester logged the issue? Do I now need to send an email to support?

Not really sure what the point of this forum is without that big missing piece.

Steinbergs policy is the same as any other corporate policy. It can change on a whim and it is never written down anywhere to hold them accountable. However, you are bound to that policy. Sound familiar?

Until 10 is usable they wont get any more dosh from me :open_mouth:

Seems like their way of dealing with current bugs is to release a new version. Riddled with the same bugs. And the cycle starts again. :smiley:


From the air in this forum, I think a protest is coming soon in front of Steinberg office.

So - I am not paid to be the beta tester - I want the money back!

yeah this latest version of Cubase has some shockingly workflow breaking bugs. one of them I’ve found (MIDI data changing between Cubase 10 & GA SE5) literally makes GA SE5 unusable for working with & editing break loops. for shame Steinberg!

Did anyone read the EULA text?

It probably says somewhere,

“…and hereby we may intentionally or unintentionally break your heart. We really don’t care, thus we can remove/break things with the snap of a finger”.